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This page shows many example crossword grids that were produced with Sympathy Crossword Construction. There are also some complete non-cryptic crosswords and cryptic crosswords.

Standard Puzzle Types

This section illustrates the types of puzzles most commonly created with Sympathy Crossword Construction. Click on the small grids to see a larger image in a popup window.

Fully Checked
Fully Checked
Italian Style
Italian Style

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Thematic Fills

Sympathy Crossword Construction supports many different treatments popular in thematic or "variety" puzzles. Some of these examples were filled using Sympathy's built-in gimmicks, some by seeding the grid with letters or words before filling and some using multiple dictionary filling. Click on the small grids to see a larger image in a popup window.

Alphabetical Jigsaw
Alphabetical Jigsaw
Pattern Fill
Pattern fill (across answers start and end with same pair of letters)
Common Theme
Common theme (the seven deadly sins)
Anagram dictionary fill (answers can be anagrammed into other common words)
Films Across
Multiple dictionary fill (across answers all films)
Substitution Cipher
Substitution cipher (across answers encoded using key phrase "Judgment of Paris")
4 Playfair encoded answers

(keyword lexicography)
Misprints (across answers misprinted from "Thou art not so unkind" to "William Shakespeare")
Letters Latent
Letters Latent fill (message "the course of true love never did run smooth")

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Exceptional Fills

Sympathy Crossword Construction's outstanding filling performance allows you to create highly constrained grids in a reasonable time. All the examples below were filled using a 240,732 entry word list commonly used to create barred cryptic crosswords. Click on the small grids to see a larger image in a popup window.

Chambers 8 Square
Chambers Single 8 Square
58 Answer Checked
58 Answer Checked 15x15
20 Answer Blocked
20 Answer Blocked 15x15
24 Answer Barred
24 Answer Barred 12x12
11x12 Word Diamond
11x12 Word Diamond
12x12 Word Triangle
12x12 Double Word Triangle

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Non-Cryptic Crosswords

Word-Cross by Arthur Wynne
The world's first crossword puzzle
Flower Girls by Beetlejuice
A US-style thematic crossword with definition-only clues
Working Lunch by Beetlejuice
Test your knowledge of food and drink with this quiz-style puzzle
Unix Down The Ages by Arcturus
A thematic puzzle with a US style grid and clues

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Cryptic Crosswords

Cryptic Crossword by Beetlejuice
A plain cryptic puzzle in the style of a UK broadsheet paper
Movie Mania by Beetlejuice
A cryptic crossword with a cinematic theme
Scintillating by Beetlejuice
A thematic cryptic crossword using the Letters Latent gimmick
Playfair Crossword by Beetlejuice
A cryptic crossword using the Playfair gimmick
Cryptic Crossword by Hellebore
A plain cryptic puzzle in the style of a UK broadsheet paper
Six in One by Arcturus
A thematic barred cryptic puzzle originally published by The Crossword Club

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