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2.2 Navigating to the next result

When a TEA search generates more than one result in the main window, you often want to view the definition for each word or phrase in turn. You can do this by returning to the TEA main window and using the technique in Step 1. A quicker way is to use the result navigation buttons in the TEA definition window.

You use the Next Result button button to view the Next Result and the Previous Result button button to view the Previous Result. These buttons are quick ways of doing the Go To|Next Result and Go To|Previous Result commands on the definition window popup menu.

Step 2 initial image

Click on the Next Result button button to view the next result now. You should see the definition change to the next result pedigree. Also note that pedigree is now selected in the results list in the TEA main window.

This example shows how multiple meanings are presented in the tree on the left hand side. Each meaning in the Unedited English dictionary has a separate entry with a unique number and the part of speech (n. for noun, v. for verb, adj. for adjective and adv. for adverb). You can view the different definitions by clicking on the entries:

Step 2 final image

Click on the fourth entry (labeled pedigree 4 adj.) now to see the meaning of pedigree when it's used as an adjective. The definition should be replaced by the one shown above. If you prefer to use the keyboard, you can step through the available entries using Ctrl+Tab (ie by pressing the tab key with the Ctrl key held down).

This definition illustrates what happens when several different words or phrases have the same meaning. Each synonymous word or phrase appears in a list at the start of the definition. The superscript numbers show the meaning number for words that have multiple definitions. So thoroughbred4 refers to the fourth meaning of the word thoroughbred, which is synonymous with this meaning of pedigree.

Note that TEA remembers the definitions you view and stores them in a "history list". You can return to the last definition you viewed using the Back button button. Once you've done that you can view the next definition in the history list using the Forward button button.

In the next step, we'll learn how to look up the meanings of a word found in a definition.

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