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2.1 Looking up a word in the main window

Module 1 of the TEA tutorial showed how you can find words with different TEA patterns. TEA also includes definitions for words and this module shows how to look up definitions and how to navigate from one definition to another.

TEA search results often include unfamiliar words and looking up their meanings is the usual way to open a TEA definition window. Suppose you are viewing the search results for the TEA template (see Module 1 Step 1) .e...r.e:

Step 1 initial image

Type .e...r.e into the box below the Pattern label and click on the Word Search button. You should see the words that match the template appear in lists in the bottom half of the TEA window.

Note that the lists shown may differ depending on whether you are evaluating TEA or using the full version. Also, the lists won't necessarily appear side-by-side unless you used the Window|Tile Vertical command.

Suppose you wanted to find out the meaning of the first result gendarme. There are two ways of looking up the definition of a word in a results list:

Step 1 final image

Use one of these methods to look up the first result gendarme. You should see the meaning appear in a separate definition window as shown above.

TEA definitions can include underlined words and phrases tagged as a Generalization or as Specializations. Eg the above definition shows that a more general term for gendarme is policeman and that a gendarme is a member of the gendarmerie. These "thesaurus links" help you find related words and Step 3 explains how to view their definitions; such thesaurus links are only available in the topmost definition dictionary, which is called United English.

In the next step, we'll learn how you can view the definition for the next result without going back to the TEA main window.

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