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If you ever get stuck on a crossword, TEA Crossword Helper comes to the rescue - the ultimate word finder! TEA finds words that fit the known letters in a crossword answer, solves anagram clues and finds words from a larger set of letters. It's particularly useful for solving cryptic crossword puzzles.

But TEA does more than just solve crosswords. Customers use its features to:

TEA comes with a database of over 6 million words and phrases including the title index for the English version of Wikipedia. These answers are classified by their familiarity, so you always see the most likely ones first. You can look up the meanings in the integrated dictionary/thesaurus or on the Internet. TEA is faster and more convenient than word lists in book form such as crossword completers, crossword dictionaries and crossword keys.

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Version: 2.11
System requirements: Microsoft® Windows XP, Windows Vista®, or Windows 7

TEA Features

Pattern Features

The basic features of TEA patterns are simple to understand. TEA lets you combine these building blocks in powerful ways to find the answer you're looking for:

TEA doing a cryptogram search
Templates .l...r.n finds electron
Templates with choice lists .e.[jklm].r. finds perjury and deplore
Templates with wildcards .e.y.r* finds dehydrate
Anagrams ;lobikes finds obelisk
Anagrams with choice lists ;diners[ai] finds insider and sardine
Anagrams with wildcards ;opqr* finds propinquity
Template and anagrams g......;tangier finds granite but not ingrate
Scrabble® searching *;aehirlp finds hailer and harelip
Countdown-style searching *;rexagdoni finds organdie
Punctuation matching ...-..-..... finds fly-by-night
Macro replacement *@@@@@* finds miaoued
Subpattern matching p*(;kea)*t finds parakeet
Logically combined patterns ;aefgiln & !*ing finds finagle but not leafing
Cryptogram solving .112.....12 finds coordinator
Palindrome searching 123454321 finds Rotavator
Isogram searching ;1122334455 finds arraigning

The TEA Tutorial walks you through more examples in greater depth, with screen shots.

Result List Features

TEA Results Options

TEA has many options that help you use the results of a search:

  • View results for up to nine word lists in priority order
  • See the extra letters not drawn from the set available
  • Lookup results in the integrated dictionary/thesaurus
  • Search for results on the Internet
  • Select or suppress proper names, hyphenated words and phrases
  • Print selected results with optional page preview
  • Save results as a text file or TEA&Sympathy Dictionary
  • Copy selected results to the clipboard
TEA Definition Window

Definition Window Features

TEA definitions reveal the meanings of a word or phrase:

  • Check for definitions in 13 different dictionaries
  • View multiple senses with their different parts of speech
  • See synonyms, antonyms and other closely related words
  • Look up the meaning of any word or phrase shown in the definition
  • Search for any word or phrase on the Internet

Dictionaries and Word Lists

Searching with the Scrabble list

TEA includes word lists with over 6 million unique entries as standard:

  • Core English contains the 65,000 most common words
  • Edited English contains the 265,000 words and phrases most likely to appear in crosswords
  • Unedited English contains another 780,000 entries
  • Wikipedia English contains a further 5,600,000 entries
  • The integrated dictionary/thesaurus has over 400,000 definitions
  • Citations indicate dictionaries where a further 140,000 or so entries are found
  • Specialized Scrabble®, Literature and Languages lists are included
  • You can add custom word lists using the Word List Merge and Dictionary Builder tools