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4.8 Completing the Puzzle

At the end of the previous step, a grid fill will have been committed. This means that all the letters are now in black (although the answers may well be different):

Step 4.8 Initial Image

We can now enter the clues using the Light Properties Text Tab. To see how the Playfair answers appear, first select light 13 across using the techniques described in Module 1 Step 5. When the status bar indicates that Light: 13a (6) has been selected, use the Properties... command on the Light menu and click on the Text tab. The Light Properties dialog should appear as shown below (although the answer will not necessarily be the same):

Step 4.8 Final Image

Note that the Answer property shows the unencoded answer megilp; this is what the clue must lead to. The separate Grid text property shows the coded form that appears in the grid (AILTNM).

When writing clues to Playfair-encoded answers it is a good idea to make them very straightforward, as the solver won't know any of the letters of the answer to begin with. Clue types that give the letters of the answer within the clue, such as anagrams and hidden word types, are frequently used.

The remaining steps required to complete the puzzle have been covered in previous modules, so these are just summarized below. Click on the links to see where each step was covered:

  1. Entering the clues using Light Properties (Module 1 Step 12)
  2. Entering the Title, Author, Preamble and Notes (Module 1 Step 13)
  3. Printing the crossword (Module 1 Step 14)

This module of the tutorial is now complete. Playfair Crossword by Beetlejuice is the complete puzzle presented using HTML. To return to the tutorial index page, click on the up arrow button below.

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