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4.4 Selecting More Than One Light

At the end of the previous step, we chose a keyword to be used for Playfair encoding. The next task is to arrange for specific lights to be encoded using this keyword. In Step 2, we identified the four non-intersecting six-letter answers as being suitable for this.

Because all four of these lights will have to be set up in the same way, it is easier to select them all and make the change just once, rather than select them individually and make four separate changes. Like many Windows applications, Sympathy allows you to select more than one light or cell and then change all their settings in one action.

The ways you can select a single light were covered in detail in Module 1 Step 5. Use them now to select the first Playfair-encoded light - 13 across - so that the Sympathy window looks like this:

Step 4.4 Initial Image

You can make multiple selections using the mouse or the keyboard:

Using either of the above techniques, select the next Playfair-encoded light - 27 across - so that the Sympathy window looks like this:

Step 4.4 Final Image

Then add the two symmetrically placed down lights - 7 down and 21 down - to the selection. When you have done this, the Sympathy window should appear as shown at the start of the next step.

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