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4.2 Starting a Crossword using a Stock Grid

To start the new crossword, run Sympathy and click New button on the Standard toolbar (this is a quick way of doing the File|New... command). The New Crossword Wizard will open, showing the Puzzle Type pane:

New Crossword Wizard Puzzle Type pane

In the first pane of the wizard, you choose the type of puzzle you want to compile. This creates appropriate initial settings for the puzzle type. In this case we are creating a barred grid puzzle, so select the Barred puzzle type, as shown above, then click on the Next button to proceed to the Grid pane:

New Crossword Wizard Grid pane

Our Playfair puzzle will have a conventional 12x12 grid, so we can simply reuse one of the available stock grid templates as we did in Module 1 Step 2. We can then customize this by making selected lights Playfair-encoded.

We will choose the 34 answer 12x12 A template, as the Grid preview area shows it has four non-intersecting six-letter lights that could be Playfair-encoded: these potentially offer solvers the codings for 8 different letter pairs. When you have selected this grid template from the list, as shown in the picture above, click on OK and proceed to the next step.

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