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4.1 Introduction

In the fourth tutorial module, we will compile another barred cryptic puzzle, this time using the Playfair gimmick to encode some of the answers. This module builds on the general techniques learned in the first three modules and introduces more Sympathy features used primarily for thematic puzzles based on barred grids.

A conventional Playfair puzzle based on a 12x12 grid requires little in the way of preparation. We need to choose a suitable keyword for the Playfair code, but this will be done in Step 3 using the Word Search window.

One further decision to make is how to identify the Playfair-encoded answers. Some publications signify their clues using e.g. an asterisk; others prefer to indicate special answers using shading in the grid. We will use shading here to introduce Sympathy's facilities for highlighting parts of a grid using different fonts, text colors and background colors.

In the next step we will begin constructing the crossword by choosing a 12x12 stock grid.

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