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3.8 Overriding the Gimmick for the Unclued Light

At the end of the previous step, the Letters Latent gimmick will have been set up to apply to the complete grid, with the message distributed to the lights a letter at a time.

Because the central across light is going to be an unclued thematic, we need to stop the Letters Latent gimmick being used for this one light - remember that there are 21 lights in all and the message is only 20 letters long.

You use the Light Properties Gimmicks Tab to change the gimmick for a light. To see how the Letters Latent message has been distributed, first select light 3 across using the techniques described in Module 1 Step 5. Then use the Properties... command on the Light menu to open the Light Properties dialog and click on the Gimmicks tab. The dialog should look like this:

Step 3.8 Initial Image

Because Letters Latent has been set up for the complete grid, this is the default gimmick for all the lights. You can also see that the first letter of the message L has been assigned to 3 across, the first across light in the grid.

Now click on the Next > button to view the next light in normal reading order. This is again Letters Latent, but with i (the second letter of the message) assigned to it. Continue until you reach 13 across. The Light Properties dialog should then appear as below (?????????? appears because there is no possible answer if d is latent):

Step 3.8 Intermediate Image

This is the light where we need to stop Letters Latent being used, so that the letters latent message continues with the following light having d assigned. To do this, click on None, so that the Light Properties dialog appears as shown below:

Step 3.8 Final Image

If you now click on the Next > button you'll see that the d of the message has been reassigned to the next light (14 across). The settings will now create the result we planned in Step 1 and we will fill the grid on this basis in the next step.

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