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3.7 Setting Up the Letters Latent Gimmick

At the end of the previous step, the thematic answer in 13 across should have been entered and the grid should look like this:

Step 3.7 Initial Image

We are now ready to set up the gimmick that we decided to use in Step 1. Letters Latent is one of several gimmicks for which Sympathy provides built-in support. You use the Filling Properties Gimmicks Tab to set up a gimmick for the complete puzzle and the Light Properties Gimmicks Tab to set up a gimmick for a subset of the lights.

We can start by entering the Letters Latent message for the complete grid using the Filling Properties Gimmicks Tab. To see this, use the Properties... command on the Filling menu, then click on the Gimmicks tab. The Filling Properties dialog should then look like this:

Step 3.7 Intermediate Image

To set up the Letters Latent gimmick for the complete grid, click on the Letters Latent option button. The boxes beneath will then be enabled so you can customize the gimmick. In this case we just need to type in the text of the message in the box to the right of the Letters: label as shown below:

Step 3.7 Final Image

There are several additional Letters Latent settings that you can use to create puzzles involving different types of deletion from answers. The default settings correspond to the classic Letters Latent style where a single letter is deleted from an answer wherever it occurs. It is also important to ensure the Distribute to the lights a letter at a time option is checked, as this means that a letter of the message is assigned to every light in the normal reading order.

Note that you can use mixed case for the message and insert spaces for readability - Sympathy ignores all but the alphabetical characters. When you have entered the message text as shown above, click on the Close button to dismiss the Filling Properties dialog and proceed to the next step.

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