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3.6 Entering the Thematic Light

At the end of the previous step, all the blocks should have been changed to holes, so that the Sympathy display appears as below. The fine lines that appear between the corner squares provide helpful guidance during editing and aren't included in the printed or exported crossword; you can switch these on and off using the Show Graticule command on the View menu.

Step 3.6 Initial Image

In Step 1 we planned to include LITTLE STAR as an unclued across light. The central across light will be ideal for this.

Entering letters into a light has been covered in detail in Module 1 Step 6 and Module 2 Step 5. To enter 13 across, first select that light as shown above. Move the vertical red shape indicating the light editing position into the first cell using Home if necessary; then type in the letters of the answer in order (a space would skip a cell, so just type in the letters).

When you have entered LITTLE STAR into 13 across, the grid should appear as shown at the start of the next step.

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