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3.5 Creating Holes

At the end of the previous step, all the lights had been added, but the unused squares were shown as black blocks. To make the diamond shape, we need to stop these appearing.

Sympathy uses the term "hole" to describe a cell that is left empty rather than filled with black color (for a block) or white color (because it is part of a light). You can control whether unused cells are shown as blocks or holes at two levels:

Because we want all the blocks to become holes, we can use the Grid Properties Appearance tab. To display this, use the Properties... command on the Grid menu, then click on the Appearance tab if necessary. The Grid Properties dialog should then appear as below:

Step 3.5 Initial Image

The "property" (the general term for a setting in Sympathy) that we need to change is the Block type. The menu of options shown to the right currently indicates Foreground, which means that blocks are drawn with the Foreground color shown in the property above (black by default).

We need to change this setting to the Hole option. To change the setting, click on the down arrow to the right of Foreground. Select Hole in the menu that appears, as shown below:

Step 3.5 Intermediate Image

When you've done that, the Block type should show that the Hole option has been selected, as shown below:

Step 3.5 Final Image

The check to the left of Block type indicates that this setting has been changed from the default. When you see a property with a check like this, you can go back to the default option by clicking on it to remove the check.

Now that all the blocks are displayed as holes, click on Close to dismiss the Grid Properties dialog. The corners of the grid should now be holes, as shown at the start of the next step.

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