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3.4 Adding the Down Lights

By the end of the previous step, all the across lights for our grid should have been added. In this step, we'll add the down lights.

Down lights are added using the same techniques as across lights. But when there are crossing lights present, you need to be particularly careful to drag from the center of a cell using the mouse: dragging from the edge of a cell is used to move lights as described in Module 1 Step 8.

The mouse pointer indicates what will happen when you press the left mouse button. The Add Cursor indicates that a light will be added, so ensure this is shown before starting the dragging process. If you find it difficult to make fine enough movements to add lights using the mouse, either expand the window so the squares are bigger, or add lights using the keyboard.

The first down light to be created is of eight letters, starting in the cell with number 1 in the top left hand corner. When you have added this, the grid should appear as below:

Step 3.4 Initial Image

You can now add the remaining down lights to complete the grid as shown below:

Step 3.4 Intermediate Image

Note that all the red arrows shown for overunched lights have disappeared. However, there are now several underunched lights indicated by blue arrows. These are undesirable, but not as serious as overunched lights. As the clues will use the letters latent gimmick, it is not unreasonable to give the solver extra help with cross-checking.

All the lights have now been added, but the grid is still a rectangle with blocks showing in the corners. We actually wanted to represent the grid as a diamond by leaving out the corners altogether. In the next step, we will achieve this by changing the blocks into "holes".

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