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3.12 Completing the Puzzle

In the previous step, the final changes to the settings for the unclued light were made. We can now enter clues for all the other lights using the Light Properties Text Tab. The picture below shows the information that appears when 13 across has been filled with voidee (you won't necessarily have the same answer in your filled grid, although it should have d latent):

Step 3.12 Initial Image

Note that the Answer property shows the complete answer, and that the Enumeration is based on its length. The separate Grid entry property shows what appears for the light in the grid. When working with a gimmick like Letters Latent, it is often easier to do any manual filling of lights using the Answer property, as here you can enter real words instead of the mutilated forms in the grid.

Also note that the Comment property shows the dictionary where the answer was found (Edited English). Because the integrated dictionary/thesaurus doesn't include voidee, there is also an annotation (Chambers) indicating a source for the word. You can use the Comment property for your own notes about the light – such comments are only output as part of the Full Solution by default.

The remaining steps required to complete the puzzle have been covered in previous modules, so these are just summarized below. Click on the links to see where each step was covered:

  1. Entering the clues using Light Properties (Module 1 Step 12)
  2. Entering the Title, Author, Preamble and Notes (Module 1 Step 13)
  3. Printing the crossword (Module 1 Step 14)

This module of the tutorial is now complete. Scintillating by Beetlejuice is the complete puzzle presented using HTML. To return to the tutorial index page, click on the up arrow button below.

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