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3.11 Creating an Unclued Light

In the previous step, the central across light was made unnumbered. For consistency with that, we need to omit the same light from the printed sequence of clues. The Light Properties Text Tab should now be selected, as shown in the picture below:

Step 3.11 Initial Image

To stop a clue being printed for this light, click on No clue for this light so that a check appears in the box to the left. The Clue entry box should be grayed out to indicate that it is inappropriate for this light.

Independently of this, you can ask for no clue explanation to appear as part of the solution. As we will explain the significance of LITTLE STAR elsewhere, click on No explanation for this light to remove the clue explanation. The Light Properties dialog should then appear as below:

Step 3.11 Final Image

Now click on Next > to make the Light Properties dialog show one of the answers treated with Letters Latent, allowing you to start entering the clues.

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