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2.9 Switching to Layout View

At the end of the previous step, the grid should have been committed. This means that all the letters are now in black (although the answers may well be different):

Step 2.9 Initial Image

We can now enter the clues for the puzzle. In Module 1 Step 12 the clues were entered using the Light Properties Text tab. This has the advantage of showing all the information about a light in one place, whether it relates to the puzzle (such as the clue) or the solution (such as the answer and its explanation).

In Sympathy, you can also enter the clue and other textual parts of the crossword directly into its printed layout. With this technique, the puzzle (the blank grid and clues) and solution (the completed grid and explanation) are worked on separately.

To view the complete puzzle, use the Puzzle Layout command on the View menu. Sympathy now shows what the puzzle will look like on the printed page, as can be seen below:

Step 2.9 Intermediate Image

Note that the answers are shown in the grid by default, because it makes it easier to edit the puzzle (you can use the View|Show Answers command to toggle between the blank and completed grids). Because we haven't yet entered any, the clues are also empty at this stage.

To change textual parts of the puzzle using this view, click into the area where the part appears. The status bar shows the part you would change if you started typing. If a light is selected, information about it is shown at the left (including the dictionary form of the answer). The area to the right of the answer shows which aspect of the light will be changed (eg Clue, Enumeration).

In this case, we will start by entering the clue to 1 across. Click slightly to the left of its enumeration (6), so that the vertical gray shape called the "insertion point" appears as in the picture above. The status bar should confirm that you have selected Light: 1a canapé and will be changing its Clue. You may find it is easier to use the arrow keys on the keyboard to move between the textual parts of the puzzle.

When you have positioned the insertion point, you are ready to start the next step.

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