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2.7 Using Light Filling

At the end of the previous step, Interactive Filling should have completely filled the grid so it looks similar to that shown below:

Step 2.7 Initial Image

Note that the interactively filled answers are in a different color to indicate that they are "uncommitted" - they don't become a permanent part of the grid until you commit them (see below). This means you can make minor adjustments to the fill before committing yourself to it.

One technique you can use at this stage is Light Filling - you can cycle through the possible answers for each light, while keeping the letters at the checked positions the same. This is especially appropriate for blocked grid filling, as the unchecked letters mean there are often many possible answers for each light.

In this step, we will look at what other answers might fit 21 across. Select this light as described in Module 1 Step 5; when this is done, it should have a dotted line around it. Now use the Next Fill command on the Light menu. The next possible answer (if any) will appear, as shown below:

Step 2.7 Final Image

You can carry on using Light|Next Fill until eventually the first answer will be shown again. Ctrl+B (pressing B with the Ctrl key held down) is a convenient short cut if you want to use the command several times.

Note that the answers in the top priority dictionary (Core English in this case) are shown, then those in the other dictionaries in priority order. You can see the dictionary shown in square brackets in the status bar and in the tooltip that appears when you position the mouse pointer over the edge of the light.

When you have adjusted the fill to show the answers you want, proceed to the next step.

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