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2.5 Entering Letters into a Light

At the end of the previous step, the blank grid for the puzzle should have been completed. Before filling the grid completely, we will first type in the letters of one answer. It's not essential to do this when creating a non-thematic cryptic puzzle, but it's quite common to seed the grid before filling - often with one or more answers for which good clues are already known.

In this case we will enter CANAPÉ at 1 across. Select this light using the techniques described in Module 1 Step 5. If the light editing position (indicated by the vertical red shape) isn't in the first cell of the light, press the Home key to move it there. The grid should now look like this:

Step 2.5 Initial Image

Now type in C, A, N, A, P and E to enter the answer. You don't need to use the shift key or Caps Lock - Sympathy automatically enters capital letters for you. When you have done this, the grid should appear as shown at the start of the next step.

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