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2.4 Adding the Blocks

At the end of the previous step, 90 degree rotational symmetry should have been set and the Sympathy window should appear as below.

Step 2.4 Initial Image

We can now create the grid we require by adding blocks. This process was covered in detail in Module 1 Step 3 and Module 1 Step 4.

We have already decided to include CANAPÉ as 1 across. To make a six letter across answer starting in the top left hand corner, we need to add a block in the cell currently labeled 4. Select this cell, so that the status bar indicates that Cell: row 1, col 7 is selected. Then press the return (or Enter) key to add a block. The grid should now appear as below:

Step 2.4 Intermediate Image

Note that three additional block have been created in symmetrical positions because of the symmetry mode in effect.

We can now complete the grid we require. Add further blocks until the grid appears as below, then proceed to the next step. Because of the symmetry, you can create this grid by adding just three more blocks.

Step 2.4 Final Image

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