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2.12 Exporting the Crossword as HTML

The crossword is now complete. We learned how to print the puzzle and solution in Module 1 Step 14. As well as creating the crossword in print form directly from Sympathy, you can "export" it in many different formats for publication in other ways. In this step, we will generate HTML which can be used as a web page.

To export the crossword, click Print button on the Standard toolbar (this is a quick way of doing the File|Export... command). The Export Crossword dialog will open:

Step 2.12 Initial Image

You have the choice of six different options in the Format section. We want to create a web page, so select the Web page (HTML) option in this section.

As with printing, you can export the Puzzle, the Solution, or the Full Solution (exporting more than one of these is only an option for the Word processor (RTF) format) by selecting the relevant option in the Content section. We will export the puzzle in this step, so make sure the Puzzle option is selected in this section.

With some export formats, you can choose several different ways to export the grid using the Grid section; you can also choose whether or not to include numbers in the grid. In this step we will use HTML for the grid, so make sure the HTML (HTM) option is selected from the list in the Grid options section.

In the Destination section, you have the option of exporting to the Clipboard (so that you can paste the result into another application) or to a File. In this step we will export to file, so select the File option in the Destination section. A default file name is suggested; if you wish to change it you can do so using the Change... button or simply edit the file name in the box.

When the settings in the Export Crossword dialog match those shown in the picture above, click on OK to create the HTML file with your crossword in. You can view the file you create using the File|Open... command of a web browser such as Internet Explorer.

This module of the tutorial is now complete. Cryptic Crossword by Beetlejuice is the complete puzzle presented using HTML. To return to the tutorial index page, click on the up arrow button below.

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