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2.11 Editing the Clues using Layout View

At the end of the previous step, the chosen treatment for the clue to 1 across should have been entered into the Puzzle Layout, as shown below:

Step 2.11 Initial Image

Layout View is essentially a word processor, which in this case is showing the text for the puzzle. If you are changing text that is part of the structure of the crossword (such as a clue, clue number or enumeration), this is confirmed in the status bar; the part you are changing is also shown with a gray background so you can see where it starts and ends. In this case, the clue for 1 across is being edited and the text that was entered using the Wordplay Window is shown with a gray background.

You can now change can ape* to the real clue for the puzzle. You can do this using the keyboard editing techniques familiar from other Windows word processors. Write the clue now, using the suggestion below if you wish:

Step 2.11 Final Image

When you have practised entering a few clues, proceed to the next step - you can complete this tutorial example without entering all the clues.

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