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2.10 Using the Wordplay Wizard

At the end of the previous step, we positioned the insertion point in the clue for 1 across in Puzzle Layout. We can now use the Clue Workshop tool to get help with writing the clue. If you write clues using the Light Properties Text tab, you open this tool with the Clue Workshop... button. When you are viewing the Puzzle Layout, you simply have to position the insertion point within a light, then click Wordplay Wizard button on the Standard toolbar.

So click on Wordplay Wizard button now and you should see the Clue Workshop window open and list the possible ways to clue the answer for 1 across, as shown below:

Step 2.10 Initial Image

Note that the Clue Workshop tool has two tabs: the Database Clues tab shows any previously written clues for the same answer; the Wordplay Wizard tab shows possible cryptic cluing treatments for the answer. Unless you have already created a number of cryptic crosswords with Sympathy or imported a set of clues using Clue Database Maintainer, the table for the Database Clues tab is empty and the Wordplay Wizard tab is selected automatically.

Wordplay Wizard shows the possible ways of treating canapé in a table with the following columns by default:

Wordplay This shows the treatment using a common notation in which * indicates anagramming, < reversal, + concatenation. To save space, parts of an angram that can be formed from different arrangements of the same set of letters are separated with a /.
Pieces This shows the number of different pieces that are needed in the treatment. Because treatments with large numbers of pieces generally result in a less satisfactory (and more difficult) clues, the table is by default sorted to show treatments with 2 pieces before those with 3 and so on.
Type This shows the cryptic clue type. Treatments with the same type are grouped together. For a complete explanation of the different types with an example of each, see the Wordplay Types topic of the Sympathy help.

We can now choose a promising treatment and write a clue based on it. In this case, we will select pan ace* as shown above. You can do this either by clicking with the mouse (possibly using the scroll bar first) or using the arrow keys. If you press the return (or Enter) key, Sympathy copies the treatment to the clue and explanation for the light to help you write the clue.

Note that you can resize the Clue Workshop window by dragging the corners or the sides. You can also adjust the space given to each column in the table by dragging the line between the labels in the table header.

When you have selected pan ace* and pressed the return (or Enter) key, click on the Close button to dismiss the Clue Workshop tool. You should see that pan ace* has been entered into the clue for 1 across, as shown at the start of the next step.

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