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1.9 Using Word Search

At the end of the previous step, the thematic lights should have been moved, resulting in the following grid:

Step 1.9 Initial Image

Sympathy offers several filling methods that can be used in different phases of the construction. For this puzzle, we will eventually use Automatic Filling to find several different fills for the grid as fast as possible. But first we will use Word Search - although this is slower, it can help to check particular lights are fillable and choose their answer manually.

In this case, we will use Word Search to fill 10 down, because there may not be many answers that could fit in that space. To use Word Search to fill 10 down, first select that light using one of the techniques in Step 5 so that the status bar shows Light: 10d (8). Then click Word Search button on the Standard toolbar to open the Word Search window, which will display the answers it can find for the light:

Step 1.9 Final Image

The words and phrases that will fit are split into panes corresponding to the dictionaries used for filling: in this case there is just one filling dictionary called US Puzzle; the (94) after it indicates that ninety-four possible answers were found.

We can now choose one of these answers to be entered into the light. When choosing the answer, we need to think both about how easy it will be to clue and how easy it will be to fill around. In this case we will choose splutter. Follow these steps to enter it into the light:

10 down should now be filled and the grid should appear as shown at the start of the next step.

Note that the Word Search window shows entries in the dictionaries in upper and lower case and with punctuation and spacing - this makes it easy to recognize proper names and phrases. However, when the answer is displayed in the grid, only the letters are included and these are in upper case.

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