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1.7 Reflecting and Rotating the Grid

At the end of the previous step, all three of the thematic answers should have been entered:

Step 1.7 Initial Image

We can now fill the remaining answers in the grid. Before doing this, we should look to see whether the arrangement of thematic answers will cause difficulties during filling and if this can be remedied.

With this grid, the six down lights which intersect with two of the thematic answers will be the hardest to fill. 9 down in particular has the pattern ---V---I and it is hard to think of answers that will fit (although Sympathy does have some in its dictionary in this case). The situation might be improved if the grid were reflected in the vertical axis, so the I of PRIMROSE was at the start of an answer; this would mean the second N of EVENING would come at the end of a word, but that will if anything be easier to fill around.

Sympathy offers two grid transformation operations that can be used to achieve any required orientation of a grid:

To achieve the transformation we require in this case, first click on Reflect button to reflect the grid, after which it should appear as below:

Step 1.7 Final Image

Now click on Rotate button to rotate the grid, after which it should appear as shown at the start of the next step.

Note that rotating a completely filled grid usually causes clashes between across and down answers, because it involves reversing lights in one direction and not the other - it is OK at this stage because there are no intersecting answers. In contrast, reflecting a completely filled grid is always possible, because it simply involves swapping the across and down lights.

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