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1.5 Selecting a Light

At the end of the previous step, the leftmost cell in the fourth row down should have been converted into a block, as shown below:

Step 1.5 Initial Image

The next task is to enter three thematic answers from the shortlist we prepared in Step 1. You can enter letters into the grid when you have a cell selected, but the quickest way to enter the letters of a long answer is to select the light where the answer appears, because the letters you type are automatically placed in the cells along the light. In general, there are two ways of selecting a light:

In either case, the cell where the selection takes place is important, because it determines where text will be entered into the light (the "light editing position", indicated by a vertical red shape). We want to enter the complete text of the light, so it will be easiest if the light editing position is in the leftmost cell to start with. In this particular case, we can start with 20 across and have two ways of selecting this light:

Use one of these techniques to select 20 across. When you have done this, the status bar should indicate that Light: 20a (14) is selected and the grid should appear as shown at the start of the next step.

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