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1.4 Creating a Block

At the end of the previous step, the cell three squares down from the top left hand corner should have been selected as shown below:

Step 1.4 Initial Image

The next task is to turn the cell into a block. The Cell|Block command on the menu does this, but it is needed so often that the return key (or the Enter key to the right of the numeric keypad) does the same thing. Press the return (or Enter) key to create the block. The cell (and its symmetrical counterpart) should become black and the grid will be renumbered accordingly. The grid should appear as shown at the start of the next step.

The Editing toolbar shows the "symmetry mode" that is used when you make changes to the grid. In this case, the 180 degree symmetry button option button is pushed in, indicating that the grid has 180 degree symmetry (i.e. it looks the same when turned upside down).

Note that the Cell|Block command (and its shortcut keys) act as toggles and will also convert a block back into a white square, provided Bars allowed? (Bars allowed?) isn't pushed in on the Editing toolbar.

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