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1.3 Selecting a Cell

At the end of the previous step, the new grid will have been created from the template and the Sympathy window should appear as below. The top left hand corner square (called a "cell" in Sympathy) has a dashed line inside to show it is selected:

Step 1.3 Initial Image

The next task is to create the 14-letter spaces (called "lights" in Sympathy) for the shorter thematic answers. We can do this by adding extra black blocks at one or other end of a 15 letter light. If we did this to the light at the center of the grid, it would create undesirable two letter answers. Doing the same to the lights at the top and bottom of the grid would only turn 4-letter into 3-letter lights and that should be fine.

To turn a white cell into a black cell (called a "block"), we first need to select the cell to be changed. There are two ways of doing this:

Use one of these techniques to select the cell three squares down (the one numbered 20 in the corner). When you have done this, the status bar should indicate that Cell: row 4, col 1 is selected and the grid should appear as shown at the start of the next step.

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