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1.2 Starting a Crossword using a Stock Grid

To start the new crossword, run Sympathy and click New button on the Standard toolbar (this is a quick way of doing the File|New... command). The New Crossword Wizard will open, showing the Puzzle Type pane:

New Crossword Wizard Puzzle Type pane

In the first pane of the wizard, you choose the type of puzzle you want to compile. This creates appropriate initial settings for the puzzle type. In this case we are creating a US puzzle, so select the US Style puzzle type, as shown above, then click on the Next > button to proceed to the Grid pane:

New Crossword Wizard Grid pane

There are two ways you can start a crossword:

We will use the grid template option, as there are many "stock grid" templates which could be adapted to our chosen theme. Select the Use a stock grid option to choose a grid template.

In the previous step, we found theme answers with 15 and 14 letters. Our best starting point will be one of the stock grids with three full-width answers; the 14 letter answers can be created by shortening one or two of the full-width answers by adding a black block called a "cheater". Not all the stock grids with three full-width answers are suitable for this: in several cases, shortening a full-width answer would create undesirable two-letter answers.

So we will choose 15x15 - 15,15,15 - C. When you have selected this from the Grid template list, a small picture of it will appear in the Grid preview area as shown in the picture above. You can then click on OK and proceed to the next step.

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