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1.14 Printing the Crossword

We can now print the finished crossword. Click Print button on the Standard toolbar (this is a quick way of doing the File|Print... command). The Print Crossword dialog will open:

Step 1.14 Initial Image

You have the option to print the puzzle (i.e. what the solver sees) or the solution (i.e. the completed grid) or the full solution (i.e. the completed grid with clue explanations), or any combination of these. When a puzzle is completed it is usual to print out both puzzle and solution, so make sure the Puzzle and Solution options are checked as shown above. Then click on the Print... button; a print dialog similar to this one should appear:

Step 1.14 Final Image

Click on the OK button to print the crossword. The first printed page should contain the blank grid and clues (these will be blank if you didn't enter them in Step 12). The second should contain the completed grid.

This module of the tutorial is now complete. Flower Girls by Beetlejuice is the complete puzzle presented using HTML. To return to the tutorial index page, click on the up arrow button below.

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