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1.12 Entering the Clues using Light Properties

At the end of the previous step, the grid should have been committed. This means that all the letters are now in black (although the answers may well be different):

Step 1.12 Initial Image

The next stage in creating the crossword is entering the clues. The usual way to do this is with the Light Properties dialog. Properties are the general name for aspects of the crossword that you can change. You can set them for the grid, lights and cells. The clue relates to a light, so it is entered in the Light Properties dialog.

To open the Light Properties dialog use the Properties... command on the Light menu. You should see the following dialog appear. It will show information about the selected light (10 down in this case), if there was one. Otherwise, it will select the first light in the normal reading order for you.

Step 1.12 Final Image

If you have used the dialog before, you may need to click on the Text tab to see the Clue box and then click in it before typing the clue. In the above example, a clue for the answer splutter has been entered. You can see the answer you need to clue in the title bar of the dialog window and to the right of the Answer: label.

You won't necessarily have selected the same answer as in this example, but type in a clue in any case and then move on to the next answer. You can move through the answers by clicking on the Next > button, or by using Alt+N (pressing N with the Alt key held down). The advantage of using Alt+N is that you don't need to click in the Clue box again in order to type in the next clue.

When you have practised entering a few clues, proceed to the next step - you can complete this tutorial example without entering all the clues.

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