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0.8 Completing the Crossword

At the end of the previous step the selection in the Light Properties dialog in Sympathy should have been changed to 3 across, so that the dialog looks like this (note that the selection appears in the title bar as 3a):

Step 0.8 Initial Image

To complete the crossword, we simply need to repeat Step 6 and Step 7 for every light in the puzzle. Here is a list of the remaining lights and the answer and clue for each:

Light Answer Clue
3a harem Women's quarters
6a dye Coloring substance
7a eta Greek letter
8a adder Poisonous snake
10a The States America
14a agree Concur
16a pub Inn
17a awe Dread
18a octet Group of eight
19a eel Snakelike fish
1d scent Perfume
2d adage Proverb
3d heart-beat Pulse
4d rod Cane
5d mar Spoil
9d ewe Female sheep
11d hug Embrace
12d tepee Tent
13d sibyl Fortune-teller
14d ado Fuss
15d rat Deserter

Click in the box to the right of Answer: and enter harem, then click in the Clue box and enter Women's quarters. Then click on Next > to move to 6 across and repeat the process. Continue until you reach 15 down.

When you come to do 10 across and 3 down, you should see that the correct enumerations are automatically generated based on the way the answer is punctuated.

If you enter many crosswords in this way, you may find that it is quicker to use keyboard shortcuts instead of the mouse. The shortcuts most frequently used in this dialog are:

Note that you can also describe the way each clue works using the Explanation box. Explanations appear alongside the filled grid when you print or export the solution.

You have now entered all the answers and clues and can click on the Close button in the Light Properties dialog. Every white cell in the grid should now have a letter in, so that the main window appears as shown at the start of the next step.

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