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0.7 Entering the First Clue

At the end of the previous step the first answer (1 across) should have been entered in the Light Properties dialog and the Sympathy main window should look like this:

Step 0.7 Initial Image

The next step is to enter the clue for 1 across, which is also done using the Light Properties dialog.

To enter the clue, click into the box labelled Clue, then type in Medicinal spring, so that the dialog appears as shown below:

Step 0.7 Final Image

Note that you do not need to add the enumeration (the (3) at the end of the clue) because Sympathy does this automatically. The enumeration is based on the way the answer is punctuated, but you can override the automatically created enumeration using the box to the right of Enumeration:. There are several alternative enumeration styles which you can choose from using the Grid Properties Enumerations Tab.

You have now entered the required text for the first across answer. To move to the next one, click on the Next > button at the bottom of the Light Properties dialog. The dialog selects 3 across and should appear as shown at the start of the next step.

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