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0.6 Entering the First Answer

At the end of the previous step the grid structure should have been completed by adding blocks. The Sympathy window should appear as shown below:

Step 0.6 Initial Image

The next step is to add the answers and their clues. It is possible to type the answer letters directly into the grid and this technique is described in Module 1 Step 6. However, when both the answer and clue are already known, it is usually quicker to enter them both together using the Light Properties dialog.

To open the Light Properties dialog use the Properties... command on the Light menu. You should see the following dialog appear. The space for the first across answer (termed a "light" in Sympathy) is automatically selected for you in the main window:

Step 0.6 Intermediate Image

To enter the answer, click into the box to the right of the Answer: label, then type in spa, so that the dialog appears as shown below:

Step 0.6 Final Image

As you enter the answer letters, you should see the grid change in the main window so that it appears as shown at the start of the next step. Now that the answer is known, it appears in the Light Properties dialog title bar after the light number (1a is short for 1 across).

You are recommended to enter answers in the form shown in a dictionary (answers are automatically converted to upper case in the grid). It makes the printed and exported solution clearer if the dictionary form of answer is used; Sympathy also generates the correct enumerations (the lengths shown at the end) for each clue when there are hyphens or spaces in the answer.

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