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0.3 Changing the Grid Symmetry

At the end of the previous step, the new grid will have been created with the requested size and pattern, and the Sympathy window should appear as below:

Step 0.3 Initial Image

The puzzle shown in Step 1 has a grid with 90 degree symmetry (it looks the same after a quarter turn). You can create it using the default setting of 180 degree symmetry, but it will take longer. So a useful preliminary step is to change the symmetry option.

You change the grid symmetry using the buttons on the Editing toolbar. These show the type of symmetry pictorially; if you position the mouse pointer over the button and wait a few seconds, you also see a verbal description of the symmetry.

By default, the 180 degree symmetry button button is pushed in to show that 180 degree rotational symmetry is in effect. To get 90 degree rotational symmetry, click on the 90 degree symmetry button button immediately to the right.

Note that the buttons on the Editing toolbar don't have any immediate effect on the grid. They determine what happens when you make a change to the grid, such as adding a block. You can change the symmetry as often as you like when entering the grid.

When you have set the 90 degree symmetry option, the Sympathy window should appear as shown at the start of the next step.

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