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0.10 Printing the Crossword

Sympathy can now print the finished crossword. Click Print button on the Standard toolbar (this is a quick way of doing the File|Print... command). The Print Crossword dialog will open:

Step 0.10 Initial Image

You have the option to print the Puzzle (i.e. what the solver sees), the Solution or the Full Solution (i.e. the solution with clue explanations), or any combination of these. You can also decide whether or not numbers should be included in the grids and have the option to print just the grids.

In this step we will print the puzzle only, so make sure Puzzle is checked in the Content section and that Solution and Full Solution are unchecked. Then click on the Print... button; a print dialog similar to this one should appear:

Step 0.10 Final Image

Click on the OK button to print the crossword. If you have followed each of the preceding steps, it should be the same crossword in Step 1, although it will be laid out differently. Crosswords created with Sympathy can also be "exported" for publication using other applications and this process is demonstrated in the final step.

Note that the appearance of the printed page will be based on your default settings. You can customize the layout and appearance of the puzzle using View|Puzzle Layout and of the solution using View|Solution Layout. You can even create your own templates to be reused for a series of puzzles with the same appearance.

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