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Sympathy helps you create professional quality crosswords for publication in print form or on the web. Its comprehensive construction features and flexibility in grid drawing and puzzle layout appeal to both compilers and publishers of crosswords. Learn More »

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Version: 3.4
System requirements: Microsoft® Windows XP, Windows Vista®, or Windows 7

Full Version Benefits

Here's what extras you get when you buy the full version of Sympathy Crossword Construction:

  • Edited English UK English words (264,809 entries, with and without inflections)
  • Anagrams Words and phrases that anagram into other words/phrases (44,731 entries)
  • Reversibles Words and phrases that make other words/phrases when reversed (1,775 entries)
  • Integrated dictionary/thesaurus with definitions or citations for over 330,000 words and phrases
  • Over 200 additional stock grids
  • Full cryptic clue indicator lists including over 600 anagram indicators
  • Word List Merge tool for sorting and combining text-based word lists
  • Dictionary Builder tool for converting text-based word lists into Sympathy dictionaries
  • The following specialized word lists:
Name Entries
Words from the Complete Works of Shakespeare 24,581
Words from the King James Bible 12,562
Words from Webster's New International Dictionary 2nd Edition 234,936
Phrases from Webster's New International Dictionary 2nd Edition 76,205
French words 132,497
German words 158,917
Italian words 60,413
Spanish words 85,687