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Scintillating by Beetlejuice


From the answer to each clue, one letter must be omitted wherever it occurs in the word, before entry in the diagram. Definitions in the clues refer to the full unmutilated answers; wordplay refers to the mutilated forms to be entered in the diagram. Numbers in brackets show the full lengths of the unmutilated words.

The letters omitted, read in the order they are printed, form a line from a well-known piece of verse. The subject of the verse should be entered in the unclued across answer at the center of the diagram.

Across Down
  1. The kidney’s near mashed (5)
  2. She’s left her letter (7)
  3. Shelter hot cross thing with hesitation (6)
  4. Subscription is over two shillings – more than one smacker (6)
  5. Ancient Italian’s square supporter for plant (6)
  6. Embedded one nail crookedly (6)
  7. Serve well before time with a bit of condiment like vinegar (6)
  8. Villain meets about poison (6)
  9. Those with birthdays at the beginning of June get some of page in issue (7)
  10. Rosebud? Odd fragments of Kane past recollected? (5)
  1. Kind American film actor (5)
  2. Reuse an out of order submarine (8)
  3. Bring back name in voice over (9)
  4. Crowding put us in poor light (8)
  5. U-boat perhaps shares what’s printed underneath (9)
  6. Little pieces – they make a hit (8)
  7. Whips up governing body (6)
  8. Claiming half of Guinness is off (5)
  9. What bread needs polishing? (8)
  10. Withdraw some guns altogether (5)


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