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Playfair Crossword by Beetlejuice




Playfair Codesquare

The Playfair keyword was sympathizer, resulting in the code square shown to the left. The table below shows the normal answers followed by an explanation of the clue workings.

Across Down
  1. aristocratic. Two meanings
  2. geniality. Anag. of in e.g. Italy
  3. renumber. re + number
  4. geezer. Sound of geyser
  5. abaci. Hidden
  6. saiga. I in saga
  7. satires. SA + tires
  8. innards. N in anag. of drains
  9. itemise. Anag. of I meet is, ref. Dracula
  10. outcast. out + cast
  11. run-in. Two meanings
  12. clerk. Anag. of locker minus O
  13. enlist. Anag. of tinsel
  14. cavicorn. A Vic in corn
  15. germinate. Anag. of eaten grim
  16. self-educated. Cryptic definition
  1. agio. I in ago
  2. rectangular. Anag. of can alter rug
  3. instinct. indistinct minus DI
  4. site. sit + E
  5. tartare. tar + tare
  6. cineast. Anag. of Caine + st
  7. psyche. Hidden
  8. tuba. tub + A(rchangel)
  9. christen. Anag. of Cher isn’t
  10. necessitate. Anag. of cassette in + (tap)e
  11. siroccos. Anag. of coco in sirs
  12. raincoat. rain + coat
  13. discord. Dis + cord
  14. Neronic. Anag. of Ronnie C, ref. Ronnie Corbett
  15. victor. Ref. Victor Hugo and Hugo Award for Science Fiction Achievement
  16. evil. Rev. of live
  17. vena. Anag. of nave
  18. reed. (b)reed

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