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Playfair Crossword by Beetlejuice


Playfair Codesquare

The shaded answers must be Playfair-encoded before entry. A Playfair codesquare comprises a keyword (ambidextrously in the example shown to the left) in which no letter recurs, followed by the rest of the alphabet in order, I doing duty for I and J. To encode a word, first split it into pairs of letters, e.g. SH ER PA. Each pair of letters is then seen as forming the opposite corners of a rectangle within the codesquare, the other two corners being the encoded form. Thus SH becomes LG (not GL, which HS would give). Where a pair of letters appears in the same row or column, the coded form is produced from the letters immediately to the right of or below each respectively (ER becomes XO). For the last letter in a row or column the first letter in the row or column becomes the coded form, so PA becomes AE. When all the pairs are coded the word is joined up again, giving LGXOAE in this example.

Across Down
  1. Uncommon early? (12)
  2. Warmth spread in e.g. Italy (9)
  3. Again count on anaesthetic (8)
  4. This man is a spouter by the sound of it (6)
  5. Calculators eaten by lab acids (5)
  6. Story about one antelope (5)
  7. Lampoons French company's flags (7)
  8. Drains renovated around new works (7)
  9. Count I meet is a bit batty (7)
  10. Vagabond dated actors (7)
  11. Brush collar (3-2)
  12. Receptionist reorganized locker – nothing’s missing (5)
  13. Join up tinsel fragments (6)
  14. A man tucked into cereal like a ruminant (8)
  15. Sprout eaten with grim stew (9)
  16. Such people are their own masters (4-8)
  1. In the past seizing one for money-changing (4)
  2. Can alter rug woven as an oblong (11)
  3. Feeling confused subtracting 501 (8)
  4. Settle on English location (4)
  5. Dressing shows sailor put on weight (7)
  6. Wilder, Caine, Stone or Spielberg perhaps (7)
  7. Spirit evident in tipsy cheers! (6)
  8. Old boat heading for Archangel with brass instrument (4)
  9. Cher isn’t prepared to dub (8)
  10. Force cassette in breaking end of tape (11)
  11. Desert winds men assume damaged coco (8)
  12. Drops cover for Mac (8)
  13. Underworld figure and Bond in conflict (7)
  14. Ronnie C. cast as a tyrannical emperor (7)
  15. Hugo winner? (6)
  16. Reversing current causes harm (4)
  17. Vessel misplaced in nave (4)
  18. Opening leaves strain stalk (4)


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