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Movie Mania by Beetlejuice




Across Down
  1. Two meanings, ref. Titanic
  2. MIT + CHUM, ref. Robert Mitchum
  3. Hidden, ref. Merle Oberon
  4. Two meanings, ref. Suspicion
  5. Two meanings, ref. Lois Lane
  6. S + EVEN, ref. Seven Samurai
  7. Two meanings, ref. Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure
  8. Anag. of RECLAIM, ref. Miracle on 34th Street
  9. Homophone of WELLS, ref. Orson Welles and The Third Man
  10. Two meanings, ref. Apollo 13
  11. N + anag. of SENILE, ref. Leslie Nielsen and Airplane!
  12. G + OLD, ref. The Gold Rush
  13. GUM + MO, ref. Gummo Marx
  14. BABE(L), ref. Babe
  15. Two meanings, ref. Manhattan
  16. Hidden, ref. Around the World in 80 Days
  17. SWANSON(G), ref. Gloria Swanson
  18. N in anag. of EARTHS, ref. William Shatner and Star Trek
  1. Two meanings, ref. Shirley Temple
  2. ANT in anag. of RATION, ref. Quentin Tarantino
  3. Two meanings, ref. Noel Coward
  4. Anag. of CLOSE LOT, ref. Lou Costello
  5. Anag. of MOTELS, ref. Zero Mostel
  6. Two meanings, ref. Twin Peaks
  7. Hidden, ref. Heidi
  8. Two meanings &lit, ref. Mona Lisa
  9. Two meanings, ref. Clark Gable
  10. Two meanings, ref. Grace Kelly and Gene Kelly
  11. AR in anag. of EVIL MEN, ref. Lee Marvin
  12. GAME in WARS, ref. War Games
  13. Two meanings, ref. Diamonds Are Forever
  14. H(O)USTON, ref. John Huston
  15. Homophone of LEARNER, ref. Alan Jay Lerner
  16. Anag. of (M)EANLY, ref. Lotte Lenya
  17. Two meanings, ref. Jaws
  18. Two meanings, ref. Anna Karenina

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