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Working Lunch by Beetlejuice


Across Down
  1. A liqueur made from fruit, often flavored with almonds (7)
  2. A blue-flowered plant whose leaves are used in salads; its root, roasted and ground, is a coffee substitute (7)
  3. (Of fish) rolled in flour, fried in butter and served with lemon juice and parsley (8)
  4. Garam ______: an aromatic mixture of spices used in Indian cooking (6)
  5. Garlic mayonnaise (5)
  6. One way of cooking eggs (9)
  7. Bitter fruit used to make marmalade (11)
  8. Region where 26a is made (9)
  9. The fruit of a tree grown in the 19a, edible when cooked (5)
  10. A large roundish root used as a vegetable (6)
  11. A snack of seeds, nuts and dried fruit (5,3)
  12. A syrup produced in refining sugar (7)
  13. A liqueur flavoured with the dried peel of 16a (7)
  1. A savoury dish made from breadcrumbs, cheese and eggs, baked in an individual container (7)
  2. Tubular pieces of pasta stuffed with meat or other filling and baked in a sauce (10)
  3. An alcoholic drink made from fermented apple juice (5)
  4. A white sparkling wine produced around Reims and Epernay (9)
  5. Edible tubers of a South American wood sorrel (4)
  6. A small cake made from a twisted strip of dough fried in deep fat (7)
  7. Small edible berries (3,8)
  8. An underground room for storing or selling ale (4,6)
  9. Tree with small sour fruit that can be made into jam (4,5)
  10. A giant cactus with white flowers and an edible fruit (7)
  11. Vitamin A (7)
  12. A cuisine originating in Louisiana, characterized by the use of hot seasonings (5)
  13. Round flat leavened bread from India and Pakistan (4)


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